Tax Fairness
New Brunswick

Stop The Proposed Tax Changes That Will Hurt Small Business

The federal government is planning a shocking change to Canada’s tax system, one that will hurt small business owners. It will impact thousands of people in New Brunswick.

The Income Tax Act is structured to help encourage small businesses to reinvest. It also makes it easier for self-employed people, who often lack pensions and benefits, to save for retirement.

The federal government is proposing major changes to a system that has worked effectively for small businesses since 1972, when the last round of tax changes were made. These proposed changes will make it harder for small businesses to retain earnings for future investment or retirement, to share income from the business amongst family members, and to sell a business to a family member.

We can stop these changes. Tax Fairness New Brunswick is a coalition of people and groups seeking to stop this unfair tax grab on the engine of the province’s economy.

Get involved. Email your Member of Parliament and make sure your voice is heard.